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You just got out of one of the most annoying days of your entire life and you yearn for a quiet evening. Your boss reminded you of how much he loved making your life a living nightmare and of how much you used to hate him. But those were your good days, when you still had the energy to express your anger. You’ve become such a blasé human being that you lack any trace of attitude whatsoever.

It’s a one-way situation: you’re not in the position to take your stand and tell him what you think, so you’ll have to abide him. In other words, you should relax, take it easy.


But when you come home, even the most ordinary bath before going to bed continues your daily nightmare. Getting the right temperature might turn into a scalding experience, as you have to dip a toe in the water in order to approximate the moment when you can duck your exhausted body.

Taiwan based designer Kai Yi Chen has devised an interesting concept, the Bath Safeguard which helps you avoid sticking your palm or foot into the water. This is a neat electronic bath plug that not only keeps the water in your tub, but it also measures the bath water temperature through smart color coding and glows according to it. When the plug isn’t in use, it must be placed on the magnetic induction recharger base.


Made of waterproof and heatproof silicon, the plug has some built-in thermal sensors, LED lights and a color reference chart which provides the information concerning the temperature every color signifies. The blue color means you should stay away from the water because it will freeze you on the spot. The green one is your invitation to paradise, while red indicates a hot water.

The product recognizes a temperature range of 81 to 113 degree Fahrenheit and features the option of switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius scale. And if this isn’t smart enough for you, you should stick with the “traditional” way of testing the water and you might try to enjoy it!

This is an interesting device, if you ask me, but I wonder who is going to be the daring manufacturer who’ll be willing to “borrow” the concept and make it real.

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