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Television is a complex world, more than just entertainment and news. Because there are so many TV channels available these days you can choose whatever you like and watch only the shows you are interested in. That is exactly the reason why all TVshows try to be better and better and show the audience the things they want to see. The offer is so varied that they can’t afford small numbers of wires because in this case they will die and get kicked out of broadcasting. There are general shows that address to everybody, to the common viewer in general, but there are some that only have a target audience, those people who are interested in the technical details and tests shown there.

That is the case with car shows for example that are watched mainly by car enthusiasts and those who have a particular interest in cars. I love cars, but I admit I am rather bored by car shows in general and all those details about engine and stuff usually make me sleepy. However, I do enjoy watching such shows that are funny and present everything in an entertaining manner, also bringing their special comments and opinions on a tested car. These are considered to be television coolest car shows, as they attract audience from all sectors of interest, not only car specialists, mechanics or car race pilots.


If you ask around those who watch this kind of TV shows you will have the surprise to see that most of them vote for the British show Top Gear that is broadcasted by BBC for quite some time now. Most people consider it to be television’s coolest car show mainly thanks to its presenter Jeremy Clarkson who shows a really genuine English sense of humor and spreads his acid comments all over the show. These comments are a bit unusual as they are ironic and funny at the same time and many times they make fun of the American people, but not in a mean-intentioned way.


These ironies have brought the show both a BAFTA award, but also frequent criticics. There are two co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May and their team work has brought them huge popularity, not only in their native country, but all over the world. They present things and tests in a very personal manner and test the cars themselves in order to be able to make objective comments.

Another popular car show, also considered among television’s coolest car shows is “Pimp my ride” presented by the rapper Xzibit that features West Coast Market, an aftermarket shop in the Los Angeles area. They take the car of a local young guy , usually rusty old pieces of junk and “pimp” them, tuning them and making them unrecognizable after only a day or two. It’s a different type of car show and it attracts mainly the young generation who is interested very much in a lot in what the car looks like and not in the technical details and performances.

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