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The tactical ear gadgets are great for undercover operations and they need to be functional and to provide the communication you need.

The Snake Cover Kit is the ultimate surveillance kit that comes with a very discrete earphone. This tactical ear gadget has also a sensitive and low-profile microphone which you can hide under your jacket or t-shirt and the audio jack look like an iPod earphone therefore no one will know that you are having an undercover operation. This tactical gadget also has a belt-clip PTT button which you can access easily from your pocket and no one will know it is there. This Snake Cover Kit is able to adapt to any look you want and you will have good undercover operations.


Another great tactical ear gadget is the Label Microphone with Wireless PTT. This gadget has the same features as the one above, but it has a wireless PTT button. It comes with a very sensitive microphone that can transmit even a whisper and the wireless PTT button can be mounted on anything, for example on your pistol grip or your handle bar. No one will know you have it and the quality of it makes to have zero interference with other users. The wireless PTT is also waterproof and you can use this kit in many situations: bike patrol, canine surveillance and tactical surveillance. The kit doesn’t need batteries, so it very easy to maintain. You can find it on at a price of $250.00.


The next tactical ear gadget is only for listening. The name of the product is Rabbit Earphone EP5AV and it comes with 18-inch coil length. The earphone is made from flexible and soft rubber and it can be adjusted to fit any ear and any look. The gadget also comes with a volume control feature that offers you the possibility to control the volume for a great sound.

Fox Surveillance Ear Phone EP1013XC gives you the possibility to hear the surrounding environment but also to hear your surveillance colleagues.  This earphone comes with a 16-inch coil length and with 2 ear-models for right and left ear. This surveillance earphone is very low profile thanks to its small ear-model and to its surgical tubing that is hiding behind your ear. This tactical ear gadget can be used with Motorola OEM Shoulder Microphone is you want to speak with your surveillance colleagues. This surveillance gadget offers you radio privacy in any situation and it is very comfortable and discrete. This is an indispensable and a high quality piece of safety equipment. You can find it on at a price of $ 42.95.


Coyote Earphone EP1223QR it is tactical ear gadget which is very efficient is communication. The kit has a short tube earphone and a lightweight microphone. This tactical gadget allows you to communicate with a high level of efficiency giving you the possibility of a good and clean surveillance. The Coyote Earphone kit comes with 2 rubber ear-models and a clear acoustic tube. The ear-models are very discrete and comfortable and the kit comes with Kevlar lined cables which offers it protection and durability.

This kit can be found on at a price of $95.00.

If you want a rubber ear-mold to fit your ear size you can find it on Here you can find many sizes from small to large and available for both left ear and right ear. The rubber ear-mold allows you to hear the radio transmission and also the surrounding sound. They are made from soft rubber which makes them very comfortable and gives them a long life.


The HAWK Tactical Ear Gadget with Long Tube Lapel Microphone is a high quality surveillance kit. The microphone is very sensitive and it is able to transmit even a whisper. The kit comes with a quick release feature that gives you the possibility to disconnect the radio and keep the adapter in its place. The kit has also 2 rubber ear tips, left medium rubber ear-mold, right medium rubber ear-mold and a clear audio tube. The microphone is very discrete and lightweight making your surveillance low-profile. You can find this kit on at a price of $108.95.

The Chameleon Tactical Kit is a nice and ingenious kit which makes a good choice in any tactical mission. The kit includes: a high quality Chameleon Transformable Microphone, a shard shell case from Tactical EarGadgets, radio adapter, right and left rubber ear-molds, clear acoustic tube, a push-to-talk button, anti-noise microphone and throat microphone. This kit is able to fulfill al the needs in a tactical missions when it comes to communication. You can find it on at a price of $239.95.


SureFire EarPro SWAT Combat Radio Comm System makes you enjoy hearing protection and crystal-clear radio communication. The Waterpoof SWAT Ears are able to amplify the sounds you need to hear and to compress the sounds you don’t need to hear (surrounding sounds).  This kit comes with a digital compression technology that gives you natural speech sound and it also has weatherproof electronic components.

The EarPro Sonic Defenders are hypoallergenic and very soft and they provide a lot of comfort. The  SureFire EarPro SWAT Combat Radio Comm System has a silver oxide battery that allows it to function for about 250 hours. The kit is very low-profile and you can make good surveillance operations with it.

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