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Heavy night, last night, and hell of a day at work? All you need is some relaxing moments and a good sleep. You just need to lock yourself up in your room and enjoy the new surround sound chair.


It’s from the guys that brought you the Plasma-Lift Conference Table with built-in 42-inch plasma monitor.. The wonder-chair comes equipped with five speakers and it also includes a 12″ subwoofer to literally rock your hind. This chair is specifically built to prevent sound from reflecting off the walls and the ceiling and thus gives a sublime experience.

The chair has two speakers in front of you, mounted on a pivoting tubing that can be fully adjusted. Two flared sound vents sit next to your ears, where the head-rest should be, but they actually look like small trumpets rather than sophisticated speakers. And for some deep bass sounds, you got a nifty subwoofer that sits beneath the chair. The chair itself sports some plushy and retro flavors, neatly finished in wood, perfect for you to hop in with some munchies, while watching your favorite movies.

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