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When it comes to close quarter water ordinance the Water Mortar has no equal. Granted there’s not a great deal of close quarter water ordinance on the weapons market at the moment, but if there were, this behemoth of aquatic warfare would be at its pinnacle. This shoulder mounted water balloon lobber comes with 100 mini water balloons for you to fill and fire at will. The Mortar contains a small spring-loaded compartment into which you pop your filled balloon, then simply cock and fire at some soon to be drenched victim. Effective range is about fifteen to twenty feet, and with a bucket of pre-charged munitions you can wreak a lot of watery havoc amidst the drearily dry.

Link: Water Mortar



Water Bomb Combat is the ultimate water war game. Water balloons may be fun, but they’re tricky to fill, dastardly to tie, are prone to unexpected bursting. These cartoon ’bombs’ complete with comedy fuse (aha ha), contain super absorbent sponges, so you just pop them in water, they soak up a ton of it, and then you lob them at some suitably dry victim. On contact they’ll release a torrent of water over the poor sod. Re-useable and portable, they come in a set of six and are what hot sunny days are all about. Cry havoc and let loose the water bombs of war.

Link: Water Bomb Combat

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