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This one remind me of a movie: i-Robot! Yeah, this definitely not a new issue on robot industry, robots are built to become human’s assistance, to carry out jobs that ordinary human could not fulfill or that would risk lost of human life. Police that counteracting with terrorist attack would find this kind of gadget useful during their field operation in order to monitor or even to negotiate with the terrorist.


iRobot is one of the world class military robot developer. Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle – SUGV300 Series’ microbots is a collaboration work between iRobot and Boeing that bring this tactical mobile robots possible for wider market reach and lower cost of production.


SUGV300 Series microbot help to gather situational awareness in dangerous field conditions while keeping warfighters and public safety professionals out of harms, it is useful for:

Surveillance / Reconnaissance;
Bomb Disposal / EOD (IEDs / VBIEDs / UXO);
Checkpoints / Inspections / Explosives Detection.

SUGV300 Series microbot features a variety of operator control units (OCUs), including a laptop controller, a basic wearable controller and an advanced wearable controller.



This kind of military class’ Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle microbot was built small in size in order to prevent radar detection. It was designed with integrated webcam, USB and SDIO inside the bot to help the military convey jobs that would be impossible for a human soldier to carry out.

Controlling is made easy via a computer using a wireless connection, and as rumoured, this microbot will be widely commercialized in the near future for a mere USD100.- per unit.

Hopefully, this kind of microbot will bring peace to our planet, not the irony of bringing more wars and harms to human kind and earth. Details specifications of SUGV Series bots here.

Questions to ponder: “Would weapons stop wars or create more wars? or Would demise of enemies create more peace or more maglinity?”

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