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Ok, we understand if you are going to say, “I had it enough, no more stupid stuffs around the net! Or no more boring 9 to 5 work!

Living in a modern society is somehow stressful, we knew this and yet, some of us transfer those stress through drinking, gambling, speculating, being high tempered, easily irritated by others conversation. Well, after a search from online articles, you will find out that all of this reactions are normal in the context that we are not more than mere human being made out of  flesh and emotions.


But the following funny stress-reliever punch head from will give us an alternative to transfer all the unhappiness, hatred, all bad emotions borne through living the modern live that we might came across. All the hurls and misfortune, somehow will depress our physic and emotion state and bring more unwanted outcomes at the end.

This is where the Punch Head USB device appear to be something of the stress-relief-toy that came across to our mind!

What if there’s a funny stuff or gadgets that could help us reduce stressful office day? Or perhaps a good punch at one face image would relieve some of the hatred and anger within our souls?

Could be connected to your PC or laptop via a USB port, the Punch Head consists of a rather ugly rubber face and some simple software.


So when you feel the stress out or if your anger is coming to peak, simply open up the program and then go medievil on the stress relief toy – The ultimate Punch Head!

The stress relief toy – Punch Head will give out a strangely-satisfying “Oooffs”, or “Owwss” from its loud-speaker, completed with the “Biff!” “Bang!” “Pow!” wordings on your screen delivering more of the batman combating the enemys’ cartoon funny feeling for you.

The stress relief toy – Punch Head is “Velocity Sensitive” so the harder you smack it the louder the sounds of pain get! The absolute genius part of this is that you are able to customize the image on screen. It’s very simple to upload a photograph to use as your virtual victim. Punch Head inflicts cartoon style injuries to your uploaded image, you could be visiting your furious anger on your boss, an ex, Simon Cowell* or if you have some real issues, yourself !

Best Price Offer: £19.99

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