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If you have been following our blog, you must have read about Sanyo eneloop lamp. But have you ever ask, what the Eneloop stands for?


“Eneloop” is an abbreviation from “Energy” and “Loop”, which means energy circulation. The concept is suggesting on repeat usage of a battery energy for efficiency. This is the main idea of Sanyo Eneloop Flash Light and Eneloop Solar Power Charger green technology product.


This Sanyo Eneloop Solar Power Charger is ready to buy, and the batteries are good for recharging for 1,000 times. And according to news released by Sanyo Japan, global markets have respond well to this type of products. Since the initial launch of product, Sanyo has received a total of 900million units order. (2009 end of July).

So far, we could not obtain any relevant price info on both types of the eneloop solar power chargers.

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