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This is another design by Tobias Vexten, a solar electric bike concept for short distance designated for urban area.

The idea is simple,  the lithium based battery store the recharged solar energy. And recharging stations for the solar electric bike are located in certain location with solar panel laden station roof.


The carrying case in the middle front of the solar powered bicycle comes in standard, with folding bags appear on both sides of the bike, so you can fit your stuffs in there. Lithium-based accumulator batteries store energy which are charged by plugging in to a standard socket, the energy provided ideally 100% by a solar-panel laden station roof.


The designer Tobias Bexten has a bit to say about the solar electric bike design:

By an uncommonly forward leant main body that stems against the driving direction, the vehicle displays its role in a decelerated form of mobility. Additionally this formal aspect serves as a strong recognisable attribute as well.

Clean surfaces and precise edges add up to a valuable impression of the design in order to emphasise the functional elements of the vehicle and to aspire a reduced and calm style, according to the innovative and clean form of mobility this vehicle is representing.




This entire design is done in reaction to some facts dug up by Bexten, exact parameters unknown: “at an average of only 1,2 people are traveling together in one car at the same time, and the quote “50 percent of all distances covere with a car are shorter than five kilometers, 90 percent of all distances covered are shorter than 9 kilometers.”” I would not be surprised at this being true of my very place of residence: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. These vehicles would be a blessing here.


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