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Ever thought about what home appliances in the future would look like? There will be a lack of space and a major energy crisis which means the appliances would be designed around these problems. This Soft Refrigerator gives us a glimpse into the future of home appliances. It is extremely convenient because it saves energy, has adjustable cubage, saves space and is portable. What more could you want? I suppose it could look a little better. The product description says : “Folding configuration offers convenient portability and deformable storage. The size is optimized according to the cubage of things inside in order to save energy. The heat-insulating membrane coat and slide fastener door is stretchy to fit the size-changing. The holes on retractile bracing can transport cool air to each layer. Adjust it to an appropriate size so that you can take it any where.” It’s really great that you can fold up the top layers if there is no food there, it helps in saving energy. I also like that it is something of a size shifter.

You can carry this Soft Refrigerator with you any where. All in all, a really clever and useful idea. If this is
the future of electronics, everyone is going to be happy.

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