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Solar Roadways is a alternative energy company that designed the unique system called smart grid technology. The smart grid technology is system of solar-powered panels for roads, but also applicable for driveways, parking lots, walkways, playgrounds and even bike paths sometime down the road.


Last year, Solar Roadways received a USD100,000.- grant from United States Department of Transportation, as an aid and encouragement reward towards the innovative invention for manageable road.

Our current power grid is based on centralized power stations. Distribution of power is handled through transmission lines (overhead and underground), relay stations, and transformers. When a line goes down (ice, lighting, wind, tress, utility pole hit by car, etc.), everyone on the wrong end of the line loses power until the damage is repaired. If a power station goes down, an entire section of the country goes dark.

The Solar Roadways™ on the other hand, replaces all current centralized power stations including coal- and nuclear-powered electricity generation plants. With the Solar Roadways™, the road becomes the power grid, eliminating the need for unsightly utility poles and relay stations. Power is generated everywhere – every road, parking lot, and driveway. No more power outages, roaming or otherwise.

This is “secure” energy: it can’t be deliberately shut down. Not by terrorists, not by power companies, it simply can’t be shut down.

Initial tests shown that Solar Roadways’ pedestrian warning system works like a charm, a couple of small kids have a little step toward the crosswalk panel and the Solar Road Panel will automatically lights up with a message of “SLOW DOWN” to warn drivers that are driving across the road.


This intelligent system alone should be able to help reduce accidents levels on the road in the long run, not to mention the capability to absorb solar light and turn it into the night lights to power the roads and highways across United States, this would be a neat green energy gadget to implement, but the impact would be felt if the roads across the country is using the same smart grid system.

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