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If kitchen is your favorite work place then anything related to it will appeal to you. Here’s SideSwipe Mixer Blade that is actually just a replacement blade for your stand mixer, fitted with silicone fins that scrape down the bowl as you mix. As traditional stand mixer blades don’t touch the inside of the mixing bowl, it’s taxing to get all the ingredients mixed in. Most of us need to stop the mixer, scrape down the bowl with a spatula, and then restart the machine. Now you can get rid of all this messy part with this nifty accessory.

As of yet, the SideSwipe is only offered for tilt-head model KitchenAids, but by next year, the maker plans to release versions for bowl-lift KitchenAids and Cuisinart, Kenwood, and other model mixers as well. You can order it for $25.

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