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If you love cats and still don’t have one as a pet then there are just two reasons why. It’s most likely that you or your family member is allergic to these feline pets or your landlord has specified ‘NO PETS’ boldly. But Sega has come up with a purring opportunity for you with the updated Dream Cat Smile Robot. Let me tell you that it’s the best way to outwit your austere landlord. Yume Neko Smile (translated as “Dream Cat Smile”) has a newly patterned ginger and white coat. Although you won’t have a Tom-n-Jerry running scene at home, you can expect her to move her mouth, her neck, rear up and lie down, all the time purring, meowing. And if you think that she is just a robot and so you can squeeze her tail then it a annoying hiss that you will get. There are numerous sensors hidden beneath the fur which let you stroke, pat and scratch Yume Neko until she subsides into uncontrollable purring.

It also will respond to light, so turning the lights on or off may activate the cat. After a period of being left to her own devices, like most cats, she’ll fall asleep, briefly snoring before settling down into a low-power mode. For $150, you can flaunt your Sega pet without cat-worries.


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