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Cabestan Watch holds one of the world’s fine watches, and the recent collaboration between Cabestan and Ferrari has resulted in the impressive limited edition of Scuderia Ferrari One. And according to reported info, Cabestan will only produce 60 pieces of Scuderia Ferrari One luxurious wrist watch.


Scuderia Ferrari One is, in fact, a fine combination of new Cabestan Nostromo watch and the existing Cabestan Winch Vertical Tourbillon watch. Additionally, Scuderia Ferrari One was an amazing creation of Jean-Francios Ruchonnet, a talented watch designer, that comes with carbon fiber in the middle bridge section. And we guess, it uses similar materials to Ferrari’s seats or steering wheels to make the watch’s strap.

It will have a tourbillon and does have the very time-consuming-to-produce fusee chain – where each link in the tiny bicycle chain style series of links is made by hand (by master watch maker Eric Coudray). The movement is extremely accurate for a mechanical watch at about plus or minus one second per day.

Price: USD300,000.-

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