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Following one of the wonder of computer science! If in your mind a desktop personal computer is a black box consist of cable and panel circuit board, you might want to change your perception about a desktop p.c. now. Robovie-PC made by Vstone is a desktop computer built on a 15-inch tall robot.



So, instead of calling the p.c. a box, why don’t we call it an ‘iron-ape’ or ‘i-robot-pc’ instead? The robot is powered by 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, dual USB ports, VGA connector, and of course Wi-Fi. For camera it has a 1.3mp camera.

Traditionally, programming a robot would be a pain on donkey a**, but this time, the Robovie-PC would let its users get an ease connection since the robot is the computer, and through its usb wireless lan connection, user could actually use the robot to walking around a certain area. Although the robot movement still shaky, we believe this product would be replace the conventional shape of desktop personal computer in many homes for years to come.

Programming advanced functions should be much easier since the robot is the computer, capable of running Windows or Linux. Available in Japan, for those staying or international buyers, please visit the vstone sales page here for more information.

Price: JPY399,000.- [ approx. USD4,500.- ]

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