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I completely hate cleaning. I can’t stand that. So yeah, I can be called a bit of a slob. A slob who has always been in love with Hello Kitty. Robomop by Hello Kitty is the most ideal solution for me that is why. Can you imagine combining Hello Kitty and house chores? How cool is that? Anyway, I’ll tell you a little about how Robomop works. The ball in the centre is used as a timer that ranges from 30 to 60 to 90 minutes. Don’t worry, it’s not a bomb set to demolish your place which has gotten so sloppy that it is beyond salvation. After you set the timer, Robomop will get busy and you can either marvel at how cute it is and or go about with your regular business.

I totally have to get Hello Kitty’s Robomop, I can’t afford a maid, but this will be easy at $99.

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