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Did you know that there is a small tiny accelerometer in every Hewlett Packard laptop? The accelerometer’s sensor itself is placed within the laptop in order to protect your hard drive from damage caused by unintended drop or shock, by sending signal to let your hard drive park away the read/write head from the magnetic surface.

According to GreenBiz, an HP Fellow as well as researcher, Jeff Wacker, has been reporting about the how HP’s tiny accelerometer could potentially help us to interact with our surrounding world, helping energy conservation, improving traffic congestion, tracking food-borne illnesses or even saving lives!

As been informed, HP is currently working on CeNSE, abbreviation of Central Nervous System for the Earth project to achieve above mentioned capabilities. CeNSE itself is positioned to revolutionize human interaction with earth, as though Internet has revolutionized the personal and business interactions.


Wacker as also told reporter about their current project at HP Labs that are developing a sensors with 1,000 times sensitivity than those being broad used today.

As earlier this year, HP has announced about the initial major deployment of super-sensitive devices, a collaboration with Shell that will use wireless land-based sensors to pinpoint new oil and gas reserves beneath the earth. This potential could means more exploration of fossil fuel and gas in the long run, but nevertheless it could also help in finding more efficient way and location to harvest fossil fuels, meaning less environment destruction.

You might have not notice, accelerometer is now being implanted in various gadget in our daily lives, such as HP’s ink jet printer, Nintendo’s Wii motion controller, Apple’s iPhone, other similar smartphones that capable to detect shack or turn. iPad is another neat example, and further more, did you know that your car with air bag have accelerometer too?

What ever the outcomes, hopefully scientists and business world could collaborate harmoniously to provide even more green gadgets using nano technology!

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