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If you come across a sales person telling you that a colorful screen would cost more than the conventional black & white display, think twice. Philips Electronics has developed a relatively cheap, energy efficient, thin and light technology that would able to turn the digital device surface into the amazing digital canvas.




As we know, Electronic paper (e-paper) utilizes a process called electrophoresis where colored particles in a clear suspension carrying a surface charge are controlled by administering an electric field perpendicular to the surface, forcing them to gather at the top of a pixel and so creating darkened areas. Placing activated and non-activated pixels together forms words and pictures.

In developing its electronic skin (e-skin) technology, Philips researchers applied the charge parallel to the surface causing independently controlled charged color particles to spread across the pixel. When the pixel is reset, the particles are masked and the pixel returns to a transparent state. The researchers incorporated a gate electrode into each pixel to control the color saturation or shape of each color.

In short, using pixel manipulation, E-skin would be able to activate and deactivate a clear suspension using an electric field to produce a single vivid color pixel or a mix of colors and shades to the display’s surface.

The great news are, not only the E-Skin applicable for the small devices such as MP3 and Cell Phones, Phillips’ Researchers that lead by Principal Scientist Kars-Michiel Lenssen, are searching for the possibility of scalable large e-skin, a concept that will fit for MRI or CT scanner.

Just as Philips’ Ambient Experience uses light and color to make hospital diagnostic rooms far more welcoming, a large e-skin could make the concept fit for the MRI or CT scanner itself, potentially putting patients more at ease.”

“What really excites me about the Philips e-skin technology is that you could add it anywhere. It doesn’t need a lot of power or batteries, and it really is a thin skin that doesn’t add weight to an object,” commented Elise van den Hoven, of the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. “When it’s not on, it can be completely camouflaged or even transparent so you can still have your own pattern underneath. There aren’t many technologies that can do all that.”

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  1. We can put this technology e skin on e ink gel display screen for more performance and improvement. we can overlay e skin on e ink and have organic real paper back display.

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