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What would you do if your new born baby has the problem getting his/her first cold? The snut will certainly be a real nasty one. For parents that has yet get the experience on how to get the clogged snut off of your baby’s nose, here comes Nosefrida as a quick tool to handle the situation.


Yes, parents in the past use to suck the snut out of their babies’ nose, but now with more practical medical tools and device, you won’t have to do that conventionally anymore. Simply get Nosefrida, the flexible plastic tube with small enough snot filter holes to suck the snot out of your baby’s nose.


You will only need to change the filter when it get gunked up. Such gunking problem could be easily avoided by stopping periodically and blowing the collected snot out into a sink or emesis basin. Or else, if you are too busy, you could keep filling up the snot-collection chamber, it will eventually makes its way up to the filter.


For cleaning, simply disassemble it and run warm water through the Nosefrida. A practical easy to use gadget for moms! Please, no more mouth to nose sucking! coolest top new fun latest gadgets ;)

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Price: USD19.95 [ buy Nosefrida here ]

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