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Sports’ world is full of gadgets, and when we speak about golf, we can see that players have a lot of choices. This article will bring some of the coolest golf gadgets into your attention. If you want to improve your golf player abilities, and reach the 19th hole faster than usual, check out this gadget list and see if there is anything that could help you out to do this.

A special golf bag is Kaala Sports Golf Bag, which is organized inside like a carousel and all you have to do is just to rotate it and reach the club of your choice. It is fully enclosed and this bag will keep the clubs into a dry and safe place all the time. Besides keeping the clubs dry, it also can be locked, in order to prevent loosing your favorite club. This bag comes with an optional battery and it costs $430 in the simple form, and the powered version is $865.


When you play golf you also would like to drink something from time to time. The Drink Caddie makes easier carrying the favorite juice/drink with you, on the golf terrain. It is almost like a driver for your drink, and it can hold up to 54 ounces of hot and cold beverages. You can keep it in your golf bag, an it can dispense the drink at a button push. It costs $100, and I think it’s great because it makes you forget about taking care of the bottles, the bags with the drinks and totally useless additional packages with drinks when you play.

Radar Golf is a system for positioning the golf balls and scanning them, wherever they are, and making them easier to find. The device is handheld, and when you get closer to the ball, it will announce you with both visual and audio signals. It is great for finding lost balls, and it minimizes the time spent with searching the balls.

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