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Nahamer jumps on the environment friendly bandwagon too and this time it’s a toaster. The idea behind Nahamer T450 is pretty clever, and if it isn’t already being used, there might just be some toaster copycats popping up soon. What stands out about this toaster is that it uses only half the power of what a regular 900W toaster does. This is possible because of close proximity low-temperature heating elements, but that’s the technical jabber. It’s interesting that if one slice of toast is put in then only that side of the toaster will be turned on, imagine all the power in the long run that could save. The feature I like best is that through the Toast Drop system, slices slide right on to your plate, saves energy there too(I know, lazy me). The window lets you check on the browness which means you can have the right shade of brown on your toast. Also, it turns on automatically when the front is closed, I’m liking this toaster more and more.

And if you manage to break it like I usually do with anything eletronic, don’t fret too much as it is designed to be repaired and disassembled at the end of its life. Nahamer T450 sounds like my kind of toaster and that’s leaving its eco friendly nature aside.




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