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The computers and the internet had really evolved in the last years and today they had become a part of our lives. They are used in so many domains, so we can’t even imagine how the life in 2010 would have been without computers and internet. There are all sorts of things that you can do on the internet, for example: search for all kind of information in any domain, download music, videos or pictures, play video games or socialize with other people from all over the world. You can first meet them on a socializing site such as : MySpace, Facebook or Hi5 and then discuss more with them on socializing software such as: Yahoo Messenger, Hotmail MSN, Skype or others.

One of the most famous social networking sites in the world, used by millions of people from all over the world is The company who has this site has the headquarters in California, United States and has around 1.000 employees. Myspace was launched in 2003 and in 2006 it had become the most popular social networking site in the United States. Internationally it is overtaken just by Facebook, which is its main competitor. In 2006 Myspace had the 100 millionth account but of course since then there were many other millions of accounts made.


Myspace offers a lot of cool features for its users such as: allowing them to share pictures with themselves,  videos and even personal music that they have made. It is a must for any big singer or DJ to have a Myspace page, that is visited by all of his / her fans. Through Myspace you can also send comments and messages to others and it is a really fun site, perfect for making new friends.

If you are not pleased with the classic design and features offered by the site, you can also add many other gadgets to your personal page. So now we’ll present some Myspace gadgets, but these ones can also be used on other sites such as: Blogger, Facebook or WordPress. The most simplest but effective one is the “time and date” gadget, which of course is showing the time and date and which can be fully customized. There are many gadgets that are allowing your visitors to play some video games on your page, and among the famous games that you can add there are: Super Mario Bros. 3, Counter Strike, Ice racer, Mega Man and many more.


If you are a business man or a broker, or if you simply like the stock exchange, you can add the “ stock watch list” gadget to your myspace page which allows you to follow the prices of an unlimited number of stocks from many exchange markets of the world.

You can even add quiz gadgets to your page, and one of them is the “New optical illusion quiz” that is really fun to play. There  are also gadgets with announcements, and one of them is “cheap travel” which has over 1 millions cars for sale and also information about traffic and car tax. Another gadget is called “tricks and tips” and it offers you and your visitors all sorts of useful tips and tricks regarding computer and mobile phones. You can even add an online version of a dictionary or encyclopedia if you want. Since Easter is coming, you can choose to add the “Easter clock” gadget and this will put a clock with a funny rabbit on your page.

Among the many games gadgets that you can add there are many with jigsaw puzzle games, which can be quite useful for when you are bored. Another cool gadget that you can use is the location finder, that allows you to find the location on someone on the map, just by typing his IP address. There are also many of them showing you news from all over the world, the weather, and any other kind of information that you want.

So here were just some examples of cool gadgets that you can add to your Myspace page, but there are so many more others. Just search for them on the internet, and if you find some others that are really cool and worth using, tell us all about them. Have a nice day! is a gadgets review with pics, graphics, photographs, images, video recordings, something like that. blog with users’ comments. The materials are uploaded by visitors or webmaster. All of the content on this blog (including pics, graphics, photographs, images, videos, something else.) is covered under Canadian, US and international copyright and trademark laws. The info contained in this site is for general information purposes only. These pictures, graphics, photos, images, videos, etcetera. have been collected from various public sources including different web sites (blogs, etc.), considering to be in public domain. Certain other content, figures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, and so on. released on are protected by copyright and are the property of their respective owners. retains no rights to pics, graphics, photographs, images, video recordings, something else on this site. has no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the blog or the informations. If you find any content, pictures, graphics, photographs, images, video recordings, etc. that you consider shouldn’t be here, mail me a del note.

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