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I really need this but it is kind of pricy with $269.

Military-grade password protection – in a five token

Unfortunately, we all have to deal with modern life’s little cyber-burden,
the password. Some of us do so by simply re-using an old password when the
system asks you to change it. Other times we use the same password but just add
the month at the end. Some people even resort to keeping their passwords written
on yellow stickey notes or in their wallet. None of these options, however, is
very effective for protecting your valuable data. Instead, we would like to
present a superior solution brought to you compliments of the US Military.

The Mandylion Password Manager is a secure, convenient and cost-effective
device built specifically for generating and protecting your passwords. Tested
and matured for 3 years in real warfare environments, it is now available for
commercial use. Built as a small keyring device, it can securely manage up to 50
logins, safe combinations, security codes, etc. that can be individually
generated to meet the composition requirements of any login policy. Passwords
can be any length up to 14 characters or namespaces. It can create passwords
based on your settings for various criteria (such as length, alpha-numeric,
special characters, etc.) and prompt you to change your passwords at preset time
intervals (90 days, 1 year, etc.) Also, all data is stored in permanent memory,
so it is unaffected by battery life or loss of power. Tamper-resistant features
have been employed both inside and out, making the device a superior choice to
storing passwords on your PDA, PC or worse, writing them down.

Using the device is very easy. There are 5 buttons used for navigation and
data entry. The device is activated by entering a unique button sequence that is
user-defined. Totally self-contained and air-gapped from any system, passwords
are viewed on the token’s LCD display which has a limited viewing angle to
prevent shoulder surfing. There are also user-defined lockout settings,
including a self-destruct feature for high risk scenarios. The device will also
indicate failed activation attempts (with a "Tampered" message displayed upon
successful activation.) Included Policy Master software makes describing the
login policy (length, expiration, composition) for each login record and
configuring the token a snap. The token does the rest.

This little unit has been designed to meet U.S. Military standards for secure
creation and management of passwords (use authorized under Army Regulation 25-2
IA.) This device helps creates a strong security policy for your work
environment (so naturally you can brag to the boss about it) and provides cost
savings in the form of reduced help desk support and password changing downtime.
When used for personal password management the personal password manager
eliminates having to remember all those annoying passwords and usernames.

Now sold as a "5 User Workgroup" for the same price as the old single user
system. At $269 – it’s slightly more than $50 per user.

Has these great features.

Manages up to 50 login records simultaneously

Generates cryptographically strong passwords

Complies with all DoD, Govt. & Industry Password Security Policies

Multiple tamper-resistant features and lockout alarms

Manages Root and Group passwords

Cradle connection via USB

Enterprise Grade – Pre-Configurable for User

Kit containing: 5 tokens, a configuration cradle, Policy Master
Configuration Software and locking storage case

Dimensions: Approx. 2.5" x 1.5" x .375" (65mm x 45mm x 10mm)

One-year warranty

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