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The Life Learning Device is a little bit late in this day and age, as far as the knowledge-appropriation is concerned, because almost everything you need to know is now available on the Internet. But what does this thing do? Well, it actually speaks words of wisdom of its area of expertise, saying everything it knows about a certain subject, whenever you press its top.

“When you press the top of a Life Learning Device, it verbally passes tid-bits of knowledge on anything from motivational quotes, daily devotions and foreign languages to sports trivia, golf facts or studying for SAT exams (Scholastic Aptitude Tests). An LLD is an innovative and easier way to receive daily inspiration or expand your wisdom about a favorite hobby or vocation. Everyday it relays a new jolt of wisdom!”. It’s like that geek colleague you’ve had in school, a strolling endless encyclopedia, mister “know-it-all”. At $30, this might also be the perfect gift for that loved one in your family who hasn’t yet discovered fire, meaning “the GOOGLE”.

This way, you can “consistently feed your brain, soul and desires with the touch of a button. These Life Learning Devices are an excellent way to motivate your dreams, learn a foreign language or expand your worldly wisdom about your favorite hobby”. There are apparently several models to choose from, including Secrets of Life and Words of Wisdom, Daily Devotions and Spanish/English. In the “available soon” list are included the Law of Attraction, Chinese/English, Law Cases, Football Facts, Golf Trivia, Horse Whisperer, NASCAR Facts, Martial Art Quotes and SAT Exam Questions.

As far as the Secrets of life & Words of Wisdom Life Learning Device is concerned, well, it delivers secrets great achievers and innovators have followed in order to get what they wanted out of life. Besides those secrets, the device brings you mantras and quotes that motivate you to make your dreams a reality. “Belief systems and values of people who have accomplished their dreams are shared with the touch of a button. So, this Life Learning Device gives you the mental keys to unlock and fuel your confidence, attitude, motivation and passion”.

With the Daily Devotions Life Learning Device, biblical inspirations are easily relayed to you and those you love. It helps you live your life in the light of God with scripture and uplifting quotes from religious leader throughout history.

When it comes to the Spanish/English Life Learning Device, you can learn Spanish at the touch of a button. Everyday this LLD delivers a phrase both in Spanish and then in English. Each time it is pushed, the same phrase is repeated throughout a 24-hour cycle, allowing you time to master the translation of the words and pronunciation. Repetition of these common phrases will quickly help you become fluent and will greatly increase your confidence in speaking Spanish.

Well now, if Google, RSS feeds and email newsletters make you cry, this could truly be an indirect way to boost your brain power, as slowly as possible. The Life Learning Devices will be available starting November 1.

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