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Lemoptix projector is a different version of a pocket size projector with 15-inches of LED screen designed with MEMS technology. Lemoptix projector is designed with a dimension smaller than a credit card and is to be embedded within a smartphone or laptop, as if integrating webcam.


The MEMS scanning mirror for projection has the ability to continuously scan from left to right and top to bottom, therefore enabling the use of a single MEMS mirror instead of a mirror matrix with a large number of digital mirrors.  Image or video is displayed and mixed using RGB (Red, Green, Blue) laser light sources using beam combiner during the mirror scan, creating image pixel by pixel and it has highly robust projection principle that has been used for ages in CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) televisions.

Expect Lemoptix projector to exist in the market next year. The exciting part is, the sleek, slim and tiny size of Lemoptix projector would fit neatly into MP3 player, laptop and other mobile electronic devices, this means, integration of projection technology for smartphones or standard cell phones will be a reality in near future!

Lemoptix projector has 640×480 resolution, and capable to throw out 15-inch image from approximately 20-inches distance. No details info about the brightness, sharpness, maximum projection size or pricing yet.

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