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Everybody like to see a sky full of starts after a long and tiring day, while benefiting from the comfort of our personal room. These could be very relaxing and the researchers established that it will help the brain to rest. That is the reason why the LED gadgets come so well and are best bought “toys for adults”.

The Laser Stars Project is a device from this category of gadgets. The first effect when you’ll turn it on will be a totally surprise and a delightful view. Than you will sit back on your favorite couch and you will not be able to move your eyes from the real look sky projected on your room’s walls.
This LED gadget it is a unit that have a small dimension, around 10 inches, that projects a collection of green, blue and violet laser lights forming starts, galaxies, and clouds all over the room, including the cells and the walls. Imitating perfectly the Universe, the formed stars and clouds will continuously move in random directions. There are more than 5 hundreds lights in those 3 colors, creating the perfect view. The Laser Stars Projector can be adjusted in 2 modes: 1st you can turn the projector to 180 degrees in a horizontal direction close to the base so that you can establish where the sky is projecting in your room. You can imitate a real sky by regulating the blue light intensity and reproduce a very cloudy sky or a clear one.

The Laser Stars Projector use a type of the Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser joined into one with traditional acquired multi phase diffractive holographic optics, extra light diodes and exactness motors to produce the light star effects. The consistent light created by the DPSS laser comes through a passive diffractive holographic optical element, which is conducted by a precision motor to produce the comforting movement of the star field.

We remain in the stars projection LED devices and we get familiarized with another cool device named Mathmos Space Projector. It can cast an image up to 1, 5 meters in its front and let the user the possibility to choose from 2 different colors.  The projector can be positioned to plan the stars onto the cell or the walls. The quantity of the light from the room and the material from what is made the surface on which it is projected control the brightness or the image size. As soften is the light, as more stars you will be able to see. Just like a real day- nighttime.
This projector can be bought in 2 available variants. One is a blue- green and the other is a red- violet, so that it can be assorted with every room. It is perfect for kids and the color variety will work with the other decoration stuffs from their room, depending he is a boy or a girl. It has small dimensions like 245 x 125 x 245 millimeters and it is powered from the AC, using a 120 V adapter. It is also pretty economic because it consumes only 59 W.

We have to admit that the LED gadgets are the most extraordinary things in the relaxing domains. Hundreds of psychological doctors use the lights as a therapy in the treatment of a lot of diseases. That’s why, letting the sky aside, we present you a miniature volcano copy.

The Laserpod not only that provoke a beautiful relaxing feeling but it is a must- have of every self- respected gadget collection fan. It splits 3 lasers of a high intensity level and 3 LEDs with an amazing blue and violet color. The produced light effects pass trough a hand cut crystal, creating a delightful and colored light game.
The light form the 21st century version of the Lava Lamp, the Laserpod, will cast its mesmerizing lights all over the cell and the walls, covering every part from a room and diffusing its organic light in an  continuously blue and violet shooting, reminding of the alien hoolywoodian movies. There are various of patterns, textures and colors so that you will never get bored of this LED gadget.

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