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cool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-idea-ledbase_2.jpg LED Base brings objects to life. Microelectronics has completely changed the world we live in; it is now on the verge of revolutionizing light technology. With LED lighting technology we are, for the first time, dividing light from fire. Be creative and light-up anything including those special bottles on the back of your bar. Allow LED Base to illuminate your imagination and bring emphasis to your favorite vases, glass objects, perfume bottles or crystal ware. LED Base is smaller than a deck of cards and less than an inch in height. LED base consists of a high-grade steel plate with Light Chip, lead and 240V transformer. It is also available with a Blue Earth glass globe in a gift box. The LEDs’ Power consumption is very low and amounts to less than one watt. Prime benefit of LEDs is that the various wavelengths – i.e. colors – of light can be emitted in a direct way, without filters

LED lights are unique in that they require very small amounts of energy and yet are very bright; in fact, the LED’s can be spotted for over one mile in dark environments. Ideal as an exclusive gift, LED base is design led, innovative and of the highest quality, backed by a lifetime guarantee, simply the best in their field. For $4,150 enjoy an eerie glow of colors.
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