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Watching my mom handling chop sticks makes me want to pull out my hair. It’s kind of cute but mostly idiotic.

The Combi Chopsticks Trainer Set provides a great way to teach children (or adults… yes we’re looking at you) the chopstick fundamentals. These special chopsticks offer a three step program for chopstick usage perfection. The first step is to show the proper placement and comfort in your child’s hands by using the orange silicone beginner training bridge that rests between your thumb and pointer. This bridge provides the stability for the child to use their thumb, forefinger and middle finger and pick up food more easily.

Once your child has mastered the placement and can eat properly, you can move on to step 2 by removing the training bridge so the chopsticks are a bit more difficult to use. By doing this, the child gains a more "real" perspective of how it feels to hold chopsticks. Once this system is completed, the third step is to remove the circular yellow piece that holds the chopsticks together. At this point your kid will have completely mastered the art of eating with chopsticks.

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