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One of the latest gadget news comes from Samsung and their R30 and R80 Touch of colors laptops. The laptops come with an Intel Core 2 Duo for the R340 models, an Intel Core i3 for the R480 models and for the R580 the company comes with an Intel Core i5 processor. The laptops look great and they are a great solution if you want to purchase a good and reliable laptop.

You will find them with 14 – inch and 15.6-inch display and with 320 GB storage capacity and 4GB DDR3 (this configuration is available fro R430 and R530) and for the R480, R780 and R580 you can choose between: 14 – inch, 15.6 – inch and 17 –inch display and a storage capacity of 500 GB.  The laptops come with wireless technology and you can also choose for the Blu-ray technology, as well.  You can find them on Best Buy with prices between $629.99 and $829.99.


Pegatron released to the public the Tegra 2-powered home theater PC. This small PC comes with a thin plastic box that looks like wood, so it has a nice and warm color and it will make a great add to any living-room design. The computer comes with a NVIDIA graphics processor, speaker plugs around back, microphone, Ethernet and HDMI. The Tegra 2 runs on Windows or Android, but you don’t know the price for this cute toy computer. We imagine that it would be somewhere around $100 or $150.


Samsung released on the market in South Korea their new digital cameras – the ST500 and the ST550. These digital cameras come with integrated WiFi and with a 7X optical zoom and 14.2 megapixel. The different between the two models is the display, the ST500 model comes with a 3.5 – inch touch screen and the ST550 comes with a 3.7 – inch AMOLED panel.

You will find them also in Britain with a price of 279.99 pounds for the ST500 model and 349.99 pounds for the ST550 model. We don’t know when they will be available in US, but we hope soon.


The latest gadget news in mobile phones department comes from HTC which introduced to the public America’s first 4G phone. The phone is called Sprint and it comes with a 4.3 –inch screen, two cameras (one of the cameras comes with 8.0 megapixel) and 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

With the 4G technology you can download up to 10x faster than you the 3G technology and the wireless connectivity is more reliable and durable, making this phone as powerful and fast as most people’s cable wired connections or basic DSL.


The applications for this phone are many, over 30.000 to be more exact and the operating system is Android. Other features include: GPS navigation, digital compass, motion and proximity sensor, stereo Bluetooth wireless technology and live video sharing.

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