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The development of technology has brought tremendous benefit to the medical world. Now doctors ans specialists can use the gadgets in medicine to get better results or perform surgeries that not long ago were treated as inoperable.

Most of the times these gadgets are life savers and they got to be used after years of innovation, practice and very well documented clinical trials.We can talk for hours for example about the importance of the microscope in medicine, but it is not one of the latest gadgets used in medicine.


I will begin with a very simple device called Med minder, that is an electronic device with more compartments that you will fill with the medicines a person needs to take at certain fixed intervals of time. Fix the timer and the gadget will release exactly the pill the patient needs to take at the exactly the right time. It is very useful for old people who often forget things and it also has a digital display, a blinking light and a buzz to signal pill time.
The next device is a brain pacemaker, a gadget that stimulates brain’s activity in its deepest parts by several implants and can be used for reducing Parkinsons tremor and also for treating depression.


But by far the most important latest gadget used in medicine is the Da Vinci robot that is used in surgery. It is used as an advanced way of performing minimally invasive surgery through the smallest possible incisions. It is accompanied by a very powerful microscope that allows the surgeon to see perfectly , at a microscopic level, the tissue they have to cut and fix the problem. This Da Vinci System is used in very complex surgeries that were considered very risky or even impossible not too long ago. Besides, this kind of surgical device does not leave huge scars on the body.

The robotic arm of the gadget can turn around more than 360 degrees and this is beneficial when you have to perform very accurate surgical procedures and you are only human, so you can’t perform the surgery without the device. Even if it was severely criticized for being too expensive to allow access to all hospitals and clinics to it, Da Vinci Robot is a huge step forward when it comes to medicine, surgery and technology and the fact that they gathered to heal people.

There were also many people who expressed their concerns about the fact that a robot was left to operate on them and have complete control. Well, they are a bit wrong. Da Vinci is a robot, a machine, so it will need us, humans, to make it work and operate successfuly. It just provides the best experience and unprecedented skills that will be impossible for a man to have. But if medicine progessed because of it or better said thanks to this robot, then let it be and thank God for all the lives it saves. is a gadgets review with pics, graphics, photos, images, videos, etc. blog with commets of webmaster. The stuffs are uploaded by users or webmaster. All of the content on this blog (including pictures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, and such.) is covered under Canadian, US and international copyright and trademark laws. These figures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, something else. have been collected from different public sources including different internet sites (blogs, etc.), considering to be in public domain. The information provided by is for general data purposes only, and are property of their respective owners. does not claim to hold exclusive rights on all posts, pictures and video recordings published. We have no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the blog or the informations. If you find any content, pics, graphics, photos, images, videos, etc. that you consider shouldn’t be here, post me a deletion notice.

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