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The inventors of quality and effectiveness, the Japanese can be found most strongly in the work they do. They very civilized people with a great culture and a respect that can not express in words.

Here are some examples of their work regarding the gadgets; a few of the latest gadgets from Japan:

The origami is the art of folding paper is colored models of living creatures, inanimate objects or abstract decorative forms and is traditionally associated with Japanese culture. The first Japanese gadget is a toilet paper that is showing you how to make origami. The instructions of the origami can be found on the paper itself, and I don’t know how much of a help can that be if you are going to use it. The manufactures say that the toilet paper is design for consumers who want to learn hoe to make folding paper sculptures with their toilet paper. This advanced toilet paper is just for fun because the toilet paper is not that stiff and you can’t fold it many times.
If you thought that the iPod Shuffle is the smallest mp3 player in the world you ware wrong, because is not: we present you the Micro Sport Japanese Mp3 player. The size of it can be presented by two sugar cubes. It has 4GB of memory and it also has rechargeable battery. It is very small but somehow it manages to have full stereo sound. One earbud is attached tot the player itself and the other one goes on the opposite side reaching the other ear. It is very simple to use it too, because the player acts like a USB thumb drive all you have to do is just plug it in the USB port that you can find on your computer and then simply copy any mp3 files you want to listen.

The Micro Sport Japanese Mp3 player is imported directly from Japan which means that the instructions are all in Japanese. To make the job easier for you this is how you make it work:

-         In the package you have an USB cable included. All you have to do is connect the player with the USB cable to your computer. Then the player will act as a USB hard drive and them you just copy the files you want over. To charge it, you must do the same; just connect it to the computer with the USB cable.

-         To turn it on is very easy; you will se that the player has a circular button on the side, just hold down it for 5 seconds and the player is turned on. You will se that a blue LED is flashing on and of when the player in turned on.

-         On the top of the player you will se two small buttons: one is for the previous track and the other is for the next track. To choose the previous or the next track all you have to do is push the buttons.

-         If you want to change the volume, you must push and hold down the button that you like on the top of the player. When you have the desired volume just release the finger.

-         To turn it off you must hold down the circular button that you find on the side of the player for about 5 seconds.

If you are the kind of person that is very economical with what is carrying, then the next gadget is you for. This is especially for women who like to carry small bags and do not have the room for everything in their bags. The Japanese Pill Towels are very remarkable. The towels are in a tub and one tub of Japanese Pill Towels has 10 pills. So where are the towels? Well the pill is actually a real towel. If you are in need of a towel all you have tot do is to hold the pill under water for a few seconds and you will see that the pill is going to change in a towel. The towel is good for cleaning your face or your makeup and is very easy to carry.


No one talk to plants because they can’t here you and they respond back. They can give us oxygen, they can blossom in many colors and shapes and they can die; the plants can’t do anything else…but what if they could? The Japanese invented the Sega Pekoppa Robot Plant, this isn’t a real plant, but it looks like one if you talk to it, the plant will respond at your voice and using muscle wires for movement it will bend and move. If you ignore it the plant will get very sad, but if you talk to it you can make it very happy.

The Sega Pekoppa Robot Plant has many ways of bending and changes the ways it moves because it can make a difference in your voice tones, as it can understand what you are saying. If you don’t like cats or dogs you can only by the Sega Pekoppa Robot Plant and talk to it because everybody needs to talk with somebody.


The Japanese military endorsed a type of sunglasses with lens that will not fracture even if they are hit at 106mph by a 3″ object. The future is here with The Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses; they are pretty strong sunglasses and if you find yourself in a bad situation they are always welcomed.

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