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There are many useful objects in the kitchen area, which many people should have them, but sometimes, kitchen becomes boring if you use daily the same simple, boring knife, or you peel the vegetables with the same old peeler. Here you can find some gadgets which will enlighten your kitchen, and which will make the time spent in it more pleasurable. Kitchen gadgets bring a fresh breeze in the space where you spend time for cooking.

Check out these kitchen gagdets and see which would be best for your kitchen!

If you like strange lights, you can try this Mechanical Timer with LED LIght, which will stay on as long as you had set it up from the timer bar. It can be useful for the moment when you want to have a snack in the middle of the night. It works on mechanical energy: when you rotate the base, in order to set up the time, the mechanism inside cranks and the stored energy will power the light in the upper part. It’s not a complicated system, which you can use easily for counting minutes until the food is done, or to control how many minutes you spend in the kitchen in the middle of the night, eating icecream. This is a design concept by Jasper Hou and I like it because it’s a small ambiental light, elegant for the kitchen.
I think that an automatic machine which makes pancakes is a great gadget for a pancake lover’s kitchen. When you don’t have time to flip them and you know that you have guests and you need to make a huge quantity of pancakes, here comes Chefstack Automatic Pancake Machine. It can make pancakes of 4-inches size, and you don’t have to worry for the time spent next to it, because it takes no more than 30 seconds until one pancake is done. This machine isn’t larger than a microwave oven and it is very popular in coffee shops, pastry shops and other small businesses. This machine costs around $3,500 and actually I think that no machine in this world can make better pancakes than the fluffy ones made by human hand. You can try it to compensate the time spent in the kitchen preparing them and flipping them, and you also avoid the heat and the stress of not burning the pancakes.
If your kitchen worst nightmare is peeling vegetables, you can get Veggie Peel, which has also a special chamber made of plastic for catching the peels. It is very easy to separate the trash and throw it away, because the special chamber is removable and easy to clean. The peeler has a double-sided, curved grip made of rubber, and it is easy to use both for left-handed people and right-handed people. It can be purchase for $20, but in this price the famous Ginsu steak knives are not included. So, if you like “candied carrots” or french fries, now you have an easier method for making them.
There is another cool gadget for the kitchen, which solves the problem of the water purity in your home. Zuvo Water Purator has a five step filtration process, and I am sure that the filtrated water is pretty good for the organism. You should know that the producing company donates 5% of their profits to the poor countries which need purification systems.The five steps for purificating water are: ozonization, treatment with UV light, than photo oxidation, and then filtration and post-filtration. You can purchase it for $199.99 from SmartHome.
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