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Jelly-Fish Aquarium is a cute yet nicely designed mini aquarium. It does not need any trouble cleaning or maintaining the level or acidity of the aquarium’s water. This product has been a hit in Japan, sold online by Japantrendshop few weeks ago, this product has all been sold out!

Engineered using highly-realistic silicone, the Aquapict’s Jellyfish could swim around the tank, furthermore, they could also change color subtly with five different colors (red, yellow, green, blue, and purple) of the LED lighting system installed inside the aquarium’s case.

Those synthetic Jelly-Fish will move by a push of slow current created in the tank. Since the current’s flow is not obvious to our eyes, it will create a false sight as if the Jelly-Fish are swimming around the aquarium’s tank.

It appears to be realistic and esthetically beauty! Aquapict is perfect for interior accessories for desks, offices, restaurants, bedrooms or anywhere people enjoy relax moments.


•  Energy-saving timer
• Color mode selector with 11 color patterns
• “Regular” mode has the jellyfish swimming with regular colors
• “Deep sea” mode brings out amazing LED flashing colors


• Height: 270mm (10.6in)
• Width: 210mm (8.3in)
• Depth: 120mm (4.7in)
• Aquarium material: High quality ABS plastic
• Jellyfish material: Silicone
• Power: AC adapter
• English Instructions


Price: USD34.99 [ buy the Dancing Jelly Fish Aquarium here ]

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