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Time to get a taste of what the future prepares for all you kitchen-dependent people out there. Designers Fisher and Paykel did some brainstorming and came up with a futuristic kitchen range. Their new Izona Cooksurface looks like a spaceship control dashboard rather than a ceramic electric hob or a gas one. All you need now is some holographic food floating over that sleek hob and you’re already feeding yourself the digital way. The hob dumps the four-burner pattern that nearly every other range uses, and even though this means fewer cooking stations, at least you won’t be accidentally setting on fire random stuff around it.


The clever designers implemented some retracting pot supports, burners and controls, so when it’s off its glass surface is easy to clean. Just take a look at that squeecky-clean surface, would you really cook something on that? Talking about futuristic stuff, you also get extra-precise temperature control and LED displays. Unfortunately, this is still in the project stage and not quite ready for commercialization yet. Look on the bright side, it has just received the Australian International Design Awards. Take it easy with that holo-food, there might be some sort of holo-cancer around the corner.

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