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A neat DJ machine called Discover DJ from Ion Audio is capable to turn your PC or Mac into a full-on DK rig. It has a high-tech plug and play turntable and twin deck USB DJ controller. You could do spinning, mixing, looping, cross-fading, scratching and tempo matching with no problem with this Discover DJ.




Laid out to replicate the twin deck/mixer setup that pro DJs prefer, this smart bit of kit also boasts treble knobs, cue/sync buttons and pitch adjustments. Large touch sensitive scratch wheels add to the realism, whilst the impressive user-friendly on-screen hoopla serves as a virtual extension to the hardware. It’s got more features than a plastic surgeon’s catalogue.

As well as all the tune-fiddling trickery you’d expect, Discover DJ also lets you beat-map your ditties and use the setup as a MIDI controller for other music apps. Whatever that means. You’ll be creating seamless mixes before you can say Ricardo Villalobos.

The Ion Audio’s Discover DJ recognize M4A, Wav, MP3, FLAC and OGG audio files.

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