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I am one of those people who use the internet frequently – I mean I am as good as dead if the internet connection is down for some reason or the internet speed is just so slow that it takes for ever until an internet page loads. When I need specific information about one thing I google it and open ten tabs with the most relevant results and then I read or better scan them one after another, looking for the information I need. So you can imagine my frustration and concern when I can’t do that and opening ten pages just takes me five minutes. And I can tell you there’s nothing wrong with my computer, as I take good care of that.

So the only problem might be the internet speed, which is not always within the limits it is supposed to. So I decided to look for and install an internet speed Vista gadget that allows me to constantly monitor the internet speed delivered by the internet provider. Thank God for all the gadgets that Vista supports and all the desktop gadgets that make my life easier and that allow me to find the exact information I need in the blink of an eye, just taking a look at the monitor.


It did not take much to find more places where I can download such a gadget and install it on my computer. Here is what I found and you can follow the links if you are looking for the same thing or if you are a bit curious about what this internet speed Vista gadget can do:,,,,, and


It really does not matter which one you choose because all you have to do is download it for free and then install it on your desktop and you will be able to always keep an eye on the internet speed that is provided to you. You can test your upstream, downstream, ping and packet loss and compare them  with others. Not all these gadgets are meant to be displayed on the desktop, but the one offered by Softpedia surely was designed to be Vista Sidebar gadget and it will display the internet speed permanently on your desktop.

This way you can check if the internet speed you pay for and which is guaranteed by contract is really provided to you or not. Sometimes you have the possibility to choose between different models of graphics that usually show the internet speed as a bar of a certain color and also has the desired speed at the side for comparison. Or you can choose to have it displayed as a speedometer, just like the one you have on board your car. The Speed Test offered by Microsoft is a bit more complex and can show you the maximum  bandwidth speed, your  own website download speed, response time and errors, but also the hard drive space and activity because you might need to know them when you are downloading a certain file or software in order to make sure you have enough space for that.

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