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Back in college, I met a girl who had the most impressive sense of music and great knowledge in this area. She could hum all sorts of songs, more or less known by usual people, and solve any dilemma concerning a title someone couldn’t remember or an anonymous artist. This is one hell of a gift, if you ask me, as I love music and I would have enjoyed having such an ear for music and a good memory to store huge amounts of information.

I called her “Jukebox”, because spending a couple of hours with her could have easily been compared to putting another dime in the jukebox and listening to my favorite songs.

But because I can’t have her all the time with me to help me with an unknown song, I could use a real jukebox. IntelliTunes Digital Jukebox, maybe, a wall-mounted device that comes with two displays and can be networked with your computer, allowing you to play all your tunes simply by pushing a few buttons on the remote control.


The jukebox is provided with dual LCD screens, an UltraHiFi 360 watt 2 channel amplifier, touch screen technology, wireless internet, online radio streaming and iPod/MP3 support in a compact wall-mount unit. In fact, the wall-mounted design gives you the freedom of putting it up just about anywhere in your house. The only thing you should do is to plug in a pair of your favorite bookshelf or floor standing speakers and you’re ready to rock.

IntelliTunes has two LCD monitors. The top 8-inch LCD monitor displays artist and track information as the song starts. In addition, it brings your favorite tunes to life with a mesmerizing 3D light show that morphs to the beat of the music, giving you the ultimate visual experience. The bottom 15-inch touch screen display ensures you to totally control the jukebox system. There is no need for other input devices, because the software was designed for use on a touch screen, so the secret is at your fingertips.


There is an included DVD drive, so adding your CD or MP3 collection is very easy. Just insert an audio CD into the DVD drive and the jukebox will ask you if you want to transfer the music from the CD to the internal hard drive creating an on-screen catalog. Then, all of the new albums, tracks will be labeled and the jukebox will download the album art from the internet. IntelliTunes can store over 50,000 songs or 5,000 full albums, but if you have more music than that, there is the possibility for you to increase storage.

The great thing about this device is that when you’re not playing music, it can be set to display a lifelike aquarium on both screens. Each screen displays a different aquarium setting which can be customized according to your personal taste.

IntelliTunes comes in sparkle black finish, brushed aluminum edge and 7 color LED backlit frosted plexi windows and features a mini wireless remote which allows you to change the LED lighting speed, pattern and color from over 50 feet away.

The manufacturer suggested retail price for IntelliTunes Jukebox is $3995, considered a whole lot affordable compared to the $6000-$9000 for other desirable jukeboxes, including Rock Ola and Wurlitzer.

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