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IBM in collaboration with Walt Disney is revealing the SmarterPlanet as the new experiential exhibit that will enable visitors to know what behind-the-scenes glimpse of how technology is helping to solve the world’s most complex problems.



Wide range of topics from reducing road traffic and city crime to improving food safety and local water supplies. The idea behind the new experiential exhibit is to encourage visitors to think about their individual role in creating a ‘smarter planet‘ as well as understand how smarter data centers are the heart of a more sustainable, technology-enabled world.

The SmarterPlanet also features Runtime, created by Walt Disney Imagineering, which transforms guests into personalized avatars as part of the video game experience. Players run, jump and dance through a timeline of IBM’s achievements in the history of computing, journeying from the Babbage computer, through vacuum tubes and chips and bits, to the Internet. Guests can also email their personalized version of the game to any computer, extending the Runtime experience to their home.

It offers an amazing data of facts and figures of various conditions, with the hands-on interactive kiosks that will offer visitors a “match” game that reveals societal and technological implications of creating a smarter planet.

For example, visitors will discover how more than two billion people are using mobile phones to open and use bank accounts for the first time; or that only 11 percent of the United States money supply is cash; or that by unplugging household appliance while not in use homeowners can save cash, up to $286 every year; or how smarter food systems track the temperatures of foods from one location to another to prevent spoilage.

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