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And for me – this thing looks so cool and I want it badly, to bad I can not add it to my Aamzon Wish List, or can I? Let me check …. nope! Bummer!

Product Info:

Calling all you greeny gadget lovers out there…this is the epitome of sleek, environmentally friendly and above all….cool science!

The H2 Hydrogen Racer is the dream that energy giants and governments and automobile designers have been relentlessly chasing after for years…but to no avail! Everyone wants to be the first to creat a mass-produced, energy efficient, hydrogen-fuelled car that is not only affordable but that gives off only water as it’s one emission! Given that the whole world is trying to get their hands on these little beauties, we suggest you grab yours as quickly as possible.

The genius boffins at Horizon have come up with the world’s smallest hydrogen-powered fuel cell car which has been nominated for the Intel Environmental award in Silicon Valley’s Tech Museum – a grand honour for those of you who are not so technically inclined! The H2 Racer has all the notches on its belt, design, engineering and most importantly is as green-friendly as you can get without being a tree! This wicked little racer comes as a kit so it’s perfect for those of you who fancy themselves as being ‘good with your hands’, or just those of you who have some serious time on their hands! Full instructions are included of course.

In a nutshell, you power up the fuelling station using just good old H2O (water) in a matter of minutes…siphon it off into the H2 Racer and you’re all set to run for up to 100feet ( or around 4 minutes)! The fuelling station can be powered using batteries or solar panels so you can charge up the racer over and over and over and over and over – well, you get the idea!

The H2 Racer is like mini-me for the future…the design and power-model of this car is undoubtedly where we will see life-sized car design headed in the not so distant future. So start getting used to it with your very own Hydrogen Racer today!

H2 Racer Pack Includes:

·H2 Racer in kit style for the handy enthusiast

·Car runs on water and solar or battery power

·The fuelling station produces hydrogen for fuel from simple water in a matter of minutes

·Car can drive up to 100feet or around 4 minutes  before needing a recharge

·Requires 2 x AA batteries, alternatively use the sun (solar panels are included)

Car is 15 x 8 x 5cm and Fuelling station is 11 x 9 x 7cm.


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