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What if your design capable of rescuing life, would you be proud of your work? At least a bright designer Jan Thinius has such an idea. His new HPI 1000 Impulse Gun is designed based on IFEX 3000 for putting up small fires and has a faster effect compare to conventional water cannon firefighters.



Designed for tackling up to 25 bars of pressure, HPI 1000 Impulse Gun’s tank would be able to hold up to one liter of water and could accelerate the water release up to 400km/h that atomized through a special membrane that will shove out pressured water with high velocity for deeper penetration into the central source of fires.



The core idea is to put out the central flames before conquering the rest of effected areas.

Would you get one if HPI 1000 Impulse Gun exists in the market?

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