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One of the most common and most important problems that women are facing these days is the breast cancer, which makes more and more victims due to the fact that we all tend to be neglect ourselves even if we know that such an attitude does nothing but to put our lives in danger. Even so, non-profit organizations from all over the world are trying to increase women’s awareness when it comes to breast cancer.


This is how women are taught to check for lumps in their breasts on a regular basis. Actually, all they have to do is to see if there’s something wrong with them, if they feel something, anything that is unusual. But you can never be sure by self examining your breasts, especially when you have a history of this disease in your family.

But you can now benefit the help of a brand new device, called Breastlight, which is designed to increase the accuracy of your approach. The first thing you should do is to just turn off the lights, meaning you have to make the room as dark as you can. Then, you should pass the red light through your breast tissue, keep the device firmly and, if you want to have a better view, you can use a mirror. The lumps you’re looking for will appear to you in the form of some dark areas that are placed underneath your skin. This way, you have access to information concerning your breast, from blood vessel to evins.


But beware how you do it! You must take into consideration factors like the light that you use and the fact that you need a lubricating cream, so that the device slides easier against the skin. As for the brightness levels, there are four of them.


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