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Our world is constantly evolving and this happens mostly thanks to the new technologies that appear in all the domains. Today they are really advanced, especially in the field of the electronic devices. And here we can include the computers, the notebooks, the High Definition TV-s, the audio devices, the gaming devices and so on. All of these devices are not made just for adults, but for teenagers and young kids too. Most of them (especially the gaming devices and the audio equipment) are considered cool gadgets  for any child.

The more he has, the better it is for him, so that he can have what to show to his friends. So if your child is really crazy about gadgets  and wants to have as many as possible for his room, and you just don’t know which ones to buy for him, here are some examples of gadgets that you can make by yourself.


First let’s discuss about how to make a cool CD picture frame. For this you will need some old CD-s, 2 yards of 2 inch wide ribbon, glue, a large framed erase board and a large or medium framed cork bulletin board. When you buy the 2 yards of ribbon choose a bright color that catches the eyes and fits with the décor of your room. Then cut the ribbon into 2 pieces. Lay these pieces of ribbon side by side, about 3-4 inches apart on a newspaper covered surface. The use some glue and mount the CD-s at an equal distance from each other down the middle of the double ribbons. And then secure the hanging frame on the wall  and tape small photos to each CD using a tape that is double sided. To make things more interesting you can place the pictures at different angles.

The second version of this gadget will be the CD dry erase board and bulletin board. First place the dry erase board on a flat surface and begin to glue CD-s all around the frame of the board. Then you can use the CD-s around the frame to display small pictures or to mount sticky notes or other items. You can do the same with a cork board bulletin board (stick the CD-s around the edge, and then use them to place pictures or other items) and you can arrange the CD-s in the same way so that it looks like the 2 boards are from the same set. Well after all these are not quite gadgets but they are interesting ways to decorate your room, and to make it look more interesting.

And now let’s discuss about some gadgets  that you can buy, and which are really using the technology we mentioned at the beginning of the article. One of them is the CD / DVD shredder, which you can use for destroying the CD-s and DVD-s that you don’t need anymore. If you simply throw them away, you never know who might find them and maybe you have some personal things on that CD. You can crack it, but it will be much more easy to throw it into this device and it will be shredded, and no one will find your information ever.


If you are using many devices with a USB or power cord, you know how bad it is to have tangled wires all over the place. So you can buy the “Flexicord” which has a special feature that eliminates the rat’s nest and it will never get tangled. And you can also shape it in any form you want. Another cool gadget that you can use is the “File transfer cross box”. This little box will connect 2 computers and will allow you to transfer files from one to the other. So you don’t have to waste time by making CD-s, DVD-s or to make a network between the 2 computers.

If you are using regular makers to write on CD-s you should know that they can harm the CD and destroy the data from it. And that’s why you need to use special markers that are made to write on CD-s and DVD-s. you can find them in most of the office supply stores, and they can be considered good gadgets for your computer.

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