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The new hi-tech bag less vacuum cleaner Hoover Xarion Allergy Care Plus, the TAV1620 is the latest solution for getting rid of dust and dirt in your homes. This unique machine is powered by Airvolution a technology that accelerates the air flow in a controlled way to deliver up to 97% separation efficiency in 3 stages. Hoover has also made life easier for allergy sufferers by equipping the Xarion with allergen remover brush and washable HEPA filter. It is the ideal vacuum cleaner for a home that has a lot of pets as it comes with pet turbo brush and 3-in-1 multi tool stored on board for easy access. The Xarion is also incorporated with a variable suction control into the vacuum navigator handle along with telescopic extension tubes that adjust to suit your most comfortable cleaning height. The separation efficiency helps Airvolution technology deliver high sustained suction power and makes sure most of the dust gets collected in the bin and does not go through the filters, reducing the risk of blocking and achieving high sustained suction power. The vacuum cleaner also boasts of features like washable exhaust filter, rubber wheels, telescopic carry handle, adjustable carpet/hard floor nozzle.

The Xarion TAV1620 is priced at £145 ($225) and is definitely worth a buy.



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