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Have you seen too many action movies? Do you really think Batman made his devices at home? Do you think all international spies and Vin Diesel actually sleep with a gun under their pillow? Do you have a rather twisted mind that people didn’t tell you about so you don’t think you are weird? Or yet, do you take Dexter, the boy genius, as a role model in your scientific universe?

If the answer is “yes” to at least one of the above questions, it is clearly that you are crazy. But that’s not the point; it is also obvious that you tried, at a certain point of your existence to build a time machine or an invisible ink so you can sneak out at nights. And of course, you never succeeded, still, how many mornings did you wake up saying “ah…what a good day for science!” ?

I’m sure you did, no need to deny it. But if you are not really familiar with physics, chemistry or mechanic, you should rather stay at buying the things you need (meaning the actual gadgets, not the materials) from authorized shops in order to keep this world a better place.

Searching the Internet, you might find that you are not the only one who actually thought about homemade gadgets and devices, some creepier, some useless, some really hilarious and only a few that actually work or you could use. Take a quick foray into the web and watch some really cool videos of people that actually succeeded in making technical or technological devices in their homes. If you’re too lazy to do that, here’s a list with some of the best inventions people made at home:

1. Home made rocket launcher

Yes, I’m sure this is not actually the thing you would wanna use daily, but it might come in hand when dealing with an alien invasion. The home made rocket launcher and all you need is a few fireworks leftovers, some balsa wood and superglue, a 2 inch pipe and some rocket engines, launch controller or any devices that can make your rocket launch.


2. The disco drinks coaster

Why? Because its cool to see all those colorful lights spinning around your glass when you have a Jack on rocks. And because it gets even funnier after a couple of meetings with mr Jack.

3. One-Lane garage bowling alley

Why? Why not. Because now you have a better excuse to be late for boring dinners and a good reason to come at home more often and earlier, so you spend some quality time in the garage, while your woman thinks you actually do something useful.


4. Custom build Pong Watch

Yup, it is just a watch with a device that plays on a screen a ping-pong match. It was made out of boredom, to please bored people. Also, you can find it quite funnier after a few glasses.

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