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There are various kinds of portable electronic devices, iPhone is one of the examples. Placing iPhone  on a stand holder will simply ease users browsing or operating such a device. And speaking or reliable, strong, yet flexible holder, which one is your choice?

Gorillamobile has recently launched GorillaPod which is introduced as a handy yet powerful iPhone holder with flexibility to attach it at various places. It has 3 flexible legs, which can be positioned to stand or wrap around various objects.


You could attach the gorillapod onto  your bicycle steering stick or to your fence, or place the gorilla tripod on top of your desk, depends on your creativity, it could be posed hanging, sitting or standing.


We sincerely believe that pictures represent thousands of words, and following pictures will show you how is the application and usage of the gorillapod take place:




GorillaMobile used to produce three types of quick-release holders available for the mobile phones, pda, mp3/video players, gaming devices, gps units and compact digital camera or mini video cameras:

1. Standard Screw Thread – that is compatible with digital camera;
2. Suction Cup – designed for a temporary hold;
3. Adhesive Clip – which leaves no residue when removed;


However, this flexible yet twistable gorillapod’s legs are clearly positioned as iPhone holder, designed specially for iPhone and digital camera, though it might be used to hold iPod as well or other mobile phones. The gorillapod legs have over two dozens of joints making it one of the most unique gorillapod tripods you will use.


The gorillapod’s feet are rubberized making it non slip when placed on surfaces. Overall this is a very portable iPhone Holder that can be used for more than just holding up your iPhone.

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