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Golf is an elegant sport and is a sport of calm, relaxation and most of all, patience.

In the next lines we will present you a lot of gadgets for the funs of this sport or for the thouse of you that want to make a special gift to your golf funs.

The first golf gadget is Dushnell Yardage Pro GPS; this gadget gives you information like shot distance or shot travel. This gadget is able to provide to its users distance to hole information for about 100 courses. You get this information in a full color screen and it is able to keep track of the number of stokes you made. For $350 you get the gadget, storage pouch, belt clip, static utilities, scorekeeping, lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable.
You would like to play this sport and if your body doesn’t help you, the technology will. We present you Paragolfer that is a buggy with 3 wheels. What is amazing about this golf gadget is that it has a rising sit that helps the make a change in position from a sitting position to a standing one. The Paragolfer is able move is high grass or to go out and in of sand traps, this features makes it a full terrain “vehicle”.  If is very safe to use because the sit comes with a waist belt and a knee belt to keep the person using it well balanced. This gadget for the disable sportsman comes at a price of $20.000.


It is hard to carry all your equipment from hole to hole when you’re playing golf. The technology found a solution for this situation- The Shadow Candy. This is an amazing golf gadget because it follows you wherever you go carrying in the same time your golf equipment. The way it works is actually very simple: when you play you will carry a RSS transmitter on your belt or in your pocket and the gadget is able to pick up the transmitter and follows it. As you can see this gadget is free of joysticks or remote controls. The Shadow Candy has a sophisticated and complex detection system that makes it to prevent collisions with threes, people or other carts. This gadget is able to carry your sand buckets, your drinks and everything you need for the game. It has 3 fully automated wheels and the transmitter has 2 options: Park – when you want the gadget to stay right in place and Follow-Me – when you want your gadget to follow you.


The golf can be played only when the sun is shining and you have a good wing, or no wind. But if the whether doesn’t help you, all you have to do it to bring the golf home. This is very easy with Home Golf Simulator. This gadget gives you the possibility to play 18 of the best courses in the world while Tiger Woods is training you. You can practice with your own clubs right in your living room. The Home Golf Simulator monitors the performances therefore you will know if your game is improving or not. You don’t have to play alone because the game allows you to choose other 4 players and so the competition can begin. The game is very accurate and you can see how and where the ball would end up. You can buy it from Paramount Zone at $230.00.


If you are not a golf lover but you have a friend that is and you don’t know what present you should buy for his/her birthday, you can try Levitating Balls and just wait for the reaction.

The gadget has a ball (a golf ball, of course) levitating above a pitch. The stand of the gadget is 17.1 cm and it has a 20V adapter. The gadget gives you the possibility to set the spin of the ball at an rpm chosen by you.


The next golf gadget is for those of you that want to make a prank on the too serious golf friend. All you have to do is to put the gadget into the hole, while your friend is looking in the opposite way and the golf gadget does the rest. It has a spring loaded mechanism which pushes the ball out of the hole. This prank will cost you only $18.

Staying in the fun department, the next golf gadget is also for a great prank. The remote control ball is perfect for the boring golf games you may play sometime. This gadget gives you the inches you need to win the game and gives to your friends the opposite. The gadget will stay charge for about 4 hours at a simple charge and that gives a lot of time to prepare your prank on your friends. The gadget comes with a recharging station and it looks like a standard golf ball. The remote is easy to use, it has a joystick that allows you full control of the ball or the balls (because you have the possibility to change frequencies which can control one or more balls). The limited range of the remote is 100’; therefore you have a lot of space for the ball control. The gadget comes with 2 remote control and 2 balls at a price of $40.

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