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This is a unique technique adapted in modern age where date storage hits the priority list. The Goldkey USB drive has a 256-bit strong encryption simply insert the key into a USB port, enter a desired password, and you are done. Now no one can access the data without your key and password. GoldKey’s security processor, encryption engine, and hardware random number generator all fit in a case not as big as your fingertip. Two dimensions of the key are as small as allowed by USB plug standards and the last is just long enough to grab easily. This token fits on your key chain, in your key pouch, or in your pocket without the bulge. As far as the lasted ness of the product is considered it is made from stainless steel case to its titanium-nitride coating, GoldKey is more durable than your everyday USB token. Inside, the GoldKey is filled with an industrial grade epoxy that not only seals the internal circuitry water tight, but deters tampering and provides added strength. Tough isn’t it.

The Goldkey token is retailed at $132 from the official website.



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