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It grieves me to bring in the present memories I’ve so long tried to forget about me trying to get a nap somewhere near my father. And, to my immeasurable misfortune, I’ve often had the occasion to share the same room with him while trying to close my eyes and take a rest. When I was a little girl, whenever I went to my grandparents’ house, I had to sleep with my parents. This is bad luck, so that you know, for an innocent little kid. What have I done wrong in order to deserve such a punishment?

I’m sure you all understand how I felt and trust me, this ain’t everything, but the point is my mother had to endure for almost 25 years the nocturnal concerts my father had the benevolence to throw every single night. This is outrageous, if you ask me, but she says she got used to him so bad that she can’t go to sleep without this noisy background. Weird, mom, weird!


My mother needs no remedy whatsoever, as she seems to love this situation, but for all of you out there who feel like following her steps, there’s something that might be a great help. It doesn’t matter their snoring isn’t annoying, sometime in the future it will and they’ll become professional snorers, trust me on this one. My father did and he used to make me cry. He brought me to despair so many times, that you must take my word for granted.

The SnorePro SP600 is the device snorers need in order to get rid of snoring. Not only it detects loud snores, but it also reacts like a wife, making you aware of the fact that you’re once again noisy. Based on a biofeedback technique, the user is given electronic stimulations to his skin, so that he changes his sleep position. In addition, the devices record loud snores, for users to keep under control every change. This way, they will always know if they improved somehow in time and how much the intensity of their snoring decreased.


The LCD display shows the snore counts/history, so that users learn which position is more suitable to better results or how to train the throat muscles. There’s also an “adjustable threshold” that can be adjusted according to the sleeping environment. Whenever the snore surpasses the preset threshold (measured in decibels), the users will feel a stimulation pulse on their skin.

There is no information yet about the price or the availability of such device. That’s a shame, alright! But I’d bet all my money on the fact that many of you would pay a fortune on it in order to get rid of snoring.

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