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cool-best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-tokyoflash rogue watch

Check out the latest offering from Tokyflash, the Rogue Watch, which features a Sci-Fi Green interface made up of LEDs which glow in the form of a Radar.

cool-best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-tokyoflash rogue

The case and strap are made from solid stainless steel, and I have to admit it does look quite funky and stylish.

cool-best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-tokyoflash rogue

Once mastered, navigating the time is simple, but creates a sense of mystique to the uninformed. The outer ring of small dots represents minutes, every fifth dot being slightly smaller to distinguish five minute groups. The ring of large blocks represents rough minutes, the position of the gap indicating approximate minutes. The inner ring of blocks represents hours, the position of the gap in the ring showing the current hour as on a clock face.

The Tokyflash Rogue Watch comes in a choice of either polished silver or black and is available to buy online for $161 from Tokyoflash.

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