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Ever since Alexander the Great in 329 BC saw ‘two silver shields’ in the

sky, the human race has been fascinated with the idea of alien spaceships.

The metallic saucer is perhaps the most enduring form these craft are

supposed to assume.  But it’s clearly not the only.  We would like to

introduce you to a design we happened upon while learning about alien

architecture during a conversation we had with GORT.  Twiki was there too.

Basically this X-UFO (from SilverLit) is a lightweight but extremely

durable craft (built of carbon fiber and EPP foam) with four independently

controlled motors that allow you to fly and hover in all three

dimensions*.  The four blinking LEDs assist you with orienting your X-UFO.

They will also indicate when your electronic gyro is at the optimum speed

for maneuvering and, once you get the hang of it, they will also allow you

to fly completely in the dark so you can startle friends, loved ones and

pets. Incorporating the latest in miniature technology, amazing precision,

and advanced materials, your X-UFO is going to consistently remind you

that dreams are worth believing in again.

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